Schedule an Inspection

Since the Fire District holds enforcement authority for District fire codes, we perform all fire and life safety building inspections in our district.

Submitting Requests


Your course of action for scheduling an inspection depends on the type of structure you’re building — commercial or residential — and your location. If you’re building a residential structure in either unincorporated southern Platte County or Parkville, your builder will schedule your inspection with the Platte County or City. They will notify us as to the date, time, and location.

For answers to your specific inspection questions or to schedule and inspection, call Deputy Chief Dean Cull at 741-2900. When emailing for an inspection, please include, your name/builder, location of the inspection, phone number, and type of inspection needed.

Submitting Requests

Your Structure and Area

If you’re building a commercial structure in either southern Platte County or Parkville, you will need to submit permit requests to both the County or City, respectively, and the Fire District. We will inspect those facilities for fire and life-safety code requirements. Each year thereafter, you will need to have the structure re-inspected to renew your occupancy permit.

Residents of Farley and Waldron should apply directly to the Fire District for building permits and inspections on both residential and commercial structures.

Presently, Weatherby Lake, Platte Woods, and Houston Lake schedule and perform all of their own inspections, both commercial and residential. Contact your particular city with questions.


Fire Inspection Request & Check-List