Our Partnership

The District’s Leadership Partnership

Throughout history conflicts have risen between organized labor and management, which have diminished the effectiveness of organizations. Southern Platte Fire’s organized labor force, volunteer association and the administration believe that in order for all to be striving to fulfill our mission, a healthy form of open communication must be present all of the time.

Once the career employees of Southern Platte organized under International Association of Fire Fighters, Local 42, all parties made every effort to foster and enhance good-labor management relations.

All the employees and District formed a Partnership Steering Committee through the District’s “value system” in order to ultimately provide long-term gains to the public it serves.  On a monthly basis the District meets for a Partnership Meeting with each individual shift to discuss issues and provide a vehicle for continued open communication.

The District’s Leadership Partnership, adopted from the International Association of Fire Chiefs and International Association of Fire Fighters’ Fire Service Leadership Program, has provided the following for all parties:

  • Labor/management relationships
  • Focus on goals benefiting the organization, employees, and citizens
  •  Administration and employee trust
  • Increased involvement and cooperation from all employees
  • A collaboration of decision involving all

More Information

For more information on the District’s Partnership, please contact one of the following staff members:

Captain Jason Peoples – JPeoples@spfpd.com

Chief Richard Carrizzo – RCarrizzo@spfpd.com