Your Safety

Even though our primary responsibility will always be fighting fires, these days we fulfill another role – that of first-responding units on injuries and illnesses.
When you dial 9-1-1, we’re dispatched along with an ambulance. Because of the location of our district, Kansas City ambulances (MAST) may often be minutes away from our residents — time that’s too precious to waste. Thankfully, all Southern Platte firefighters are also emergency medical technicians who can provide basic life support until the ambulance arrives.

Use this section to learn more about safety – in your boat, your vehicle, and  your home. You can also learn more about what constitutes a  medical emergency, and what you can do until we arrive.

Water Safety

Water Safety General
Water Safety Life Jackets
Water Safety Boating

Vehicle Safety

Vehicle Safety General
Vehicle Safety Motorcycle
Vehicle Safety Non-Motorized

Home Safety

Home Safety General
Home Safety Child Proofing
Home Safety First Aid Kits
Home Safety Medical Emergencies
Home Safety Escape Drills in the Home
Home Safety Pet

Free Home Inspection

At anytime, you wish a fire department crew/member to come by for a free home inspection or to install a smoke detector, please contact Deputy Chief Dean Cull at (816) 741 2900.