SPFPD Values

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Value Development

Internal Discovery

Approximately seven years ago the district embarked on a journey—one that we had never imagined. Our department was starting a rapid growth process and a change in culture from an all-volunteer to a predominately career organization. We were hunting for our organization’s values, but we struggled to discover them. Then we began working with Dr. Kelly Patrick Gerling and his system of leadership development called Values Based® Leadership. Through our work with him, we discovered our organization’s values and true culture. It took about a year.

Growing and Communication

Our Employees Matter

Our employees continue to work together to use the tools that fulfill our values within the department. Annually, all the employees, career and volunteer, participate in our values survey to assess which of our Values-Based Leadership skills we are using well, and those we need to develop further. We also conduct regular open communication meetings about any issues of concern to anyone. We use the survey results and open communication meeting issues to conduct targeted leadership training exercises with all the employees.

Our Values