Station One

Southern Platte Fire Protection District
Station #1
8799 NW Riverpark Drive
Parkville, MO 64152

History and Design

Station 1 is in the heart of historic downtown Parkville on land that was donated by Park College at First St. & Highway 9, located at 8799 NW Riverpark Drive. This fire station at this location was originally constructed in 1948 in the heart of downtown Parkville.

The original firehouse was built in 1948 and used until the flood of 1993. The Great ’93 flood destroyed most of downtown Parkville, and the station had to be condemned and demolished in 1999. A new two-story block station was then designed, learning from that event, minimizing damage if the Missouri River once again left its banks. As well as a little bit design of old character to remain, such as an “old fashion” fire pole in the stair tower allowing firefighters to quickly respond to alarms. In 2000, the current station was completed, with all living quarters elevated to the second floor and no fixed facilities in the bay to protect assets and equipment.

Early historical primary fire apparatus to handle emergencies for this station’s response area started with Engine 1, and then came the addition of Pumper 21. In 2008, the District partnered with Kansas City Fire Department Communications Center for dispatching and changed the assigned number to Pumper 61. With its proximity to the Missouri River, Pumper 61 personnel are specialized & equipped for water rescue responses.

Historically, the district has had some form of fire protection since the 1880’s. But as of the incorporation of the Fire District in 1948, the firefighters were all volunteer until 2005. In 2004, the district successfully passed a tax increase with the support of the voters, which allowed for the hiring of nine firefighters and the permanent staffing of career firefighters for Station 1. Station 1’s trained personnel proudly serves this diverse & growing population for the oldest and southernmost area of the district.

Function and Staffing

This station is equipped for firefighting, medical calls, extrication and low angle rescue as well as ice and water rescue.  In warmer weather the bay doors are often open at Station #1, allowing the public to come in and visit the firefighters on duty.

Staffing at this station normally consists of a Fire Captain and two firefighter/EMTs.  They respond to emergencies in the Bluffs, downtown Parkville, Misty Woods, Monticello, Park University, Riss Lake and Walnut Creek as well as along 9 Highway.  Mutual aid to Riverside is also responded to by Station #1 crews and apparatus.

Station One Apparatus

Pumper 61 2015 Pierce PUC Pumper with a four-person cab, 720 gallons of water, 30 gallon foam cell, drafting equipment, generator, fans and full assortment of tools and ground ladders.
Brush 61 2001 Ford 1 ton, 4x4 pick up that carries 300 gallons of water and sprayer pump with reel and an assortment of hand tools.
Boat 61 2001 Zodiac 18/20, 18 feet in length, able to carry sixteen-persons.
Special Response Unit 61 2018 Kubota Utility Vehicle, Water Tank, Transfer Pump, for special responses during events.