Streaming Audio Feed

The Southern Platte Fire Protection District (SPFPD) streams its Emergency Radio Communications directly from Headquarters in cooperation with of whom broadcasts the stream live to the public.


What is it?

All Emergency Services are dispatched from the Kansas City Fire Department Communication Center (KCFDCC), located in Jackson County, Missouri. You can hear the KCFDCC referred to as “Dispatch” when listening to radio traffic.

The KCFDCC provides primary, integrated communications support for 3 Fire and EMS service agencies that provide service in the Platte, Clay, Jackson and Cass Counties, of Missouri. The KCFDCC serves as a secondary PSAP, receiving their E911 calls primarily as transfers from Primary PSAPs in the region.

How does dispatch work?

The KCFDCC is staffed with 4 radio positions, 5 call takers, and 2 supervisors operating on an A, B and C shift rotation. Communications personnel are trained in both Fire and EMS disciplines. The KCFDCC is located at the Technical Services Bureau, 6750 Eastwood Trafficway, Kansas City, Missouri.

It contains 14 radio consoles all of which could be in service at the same time during peak times. Consoles are dedicated to dispatching Fire and EMS units assigned to the the Kansas City Fire Department, Southern Platte Fire Protection District and Raytown Fire Protection District. The center also notifies other fire agencies of which have auto-aid agreements with them.

Why use dispatch?

WestNet Station Alerting System to dispatch all units based on vehicle location via GIS for a closest/fastest response. All phone line and radio traffic in the KCFDCC is recorded. Emergency personnel have the capability of being notified for alarms and or communications through the use of:

1) portable, mobile, and base station radios, 2) mobile data terminals in Fire Apparatus, 3) station printers with detailed call information 4) land line and mobile telephones as well as 5) alphanumeric pagers and text messages. 10 Talkgroups are available via the Live Stream and are Dispatch, Calling, Operations and Tactical. SPFPD’s can be identified as 60 through 68.