Southern Platte Fire Protection District
Station #2
103 Main Street
Farley, MO 64028

On Main Street in Farley lies Station #2.  The picturesque story and ½ building matches the old town motif of a town from the turn of the century.  A fire in 1966 had destroyed the original station, but the local residents rebuilt the block building between 1968-1970.  This station still houses the local volunteer firefighters from the community.  An upstairs remodeling project was started in 2003 in order to add living quarters for both men and women.  This project is in the expectation for the manning of this station in the future. The station primarily provides protection to the Village of Farley and unincorporated areas of Platte County, within the District. Station #2 houses two pieces of apparatus: Pumper 22 and Reserve Pumper 9603.


Station #2 Apparatus

Pumper 62, 1992 E-One Topkick, two-person cab, with 750-gallon tank, generator, fans and full assortment of tools and ground ladders.