Southern Platte Fire Protection District
Fire Station #4
8795 NW N Highway
Kansas City, MO 64153

Station 4 is located just north of the intersections of Interstate 435 and Interstate 152 in the northwestern portion of the District on approximately 14 acres.  It was constructed in 2001 and also serves as the administrative headquarters of the Fire District. 

This station is staffed by 9 firefighters on three shifts.  Each day minimum manning of this station is a crew of three consisting of one captain, a fire apparatus operator and a firefighter.  This station covers a largely rural area with 3 major highway arteries as part of its' initial response area.  This station also operates several pieces of apparatus including; Pumper 24, Tanker 24, Brush 24, Hazardous Material Response Unit and a portable SCBA cascade truck.  Newly added in 2007, the District's Public Education Fire Safety trailer was added.

In 2002, the District constructed a 4-story training tower on the grounds at the station.  The Southern Platte Training Center (SPTC) includes the training tower, an SCBA confidence maze, large concrete areas for extrication training, an inter-mogul and a large state of the art classroom inside Station 4.  Our training tower has two burn rooms for class A materials, a standpipe system, sprinkler system, an elevator shaft, two vertical ventilation props, artificial smoke system, two different roof pitches for ventilation drills, an attic simulation area and rope rescue props with repelling anchors throughout.  The classroom is used for internal training purposes and classes brought in from outside the organization.  The SPTC is available to outside organizations to use for their training purposes.

Apparatus housed at Station #4 include:

Pumper 64, 2012 Pierce PUC Rescue Pumper with a six-person cab, 1000 gallons of water, drafting equipment, extrication tools, airbags, generator, fans and full assortment of tools and ground ladders.

Reserve Pumper, 2006 E-One Typhoon six-person cab, with 750-gallon tank, extrication tools, generator, fans and full assortment of tools and ground ladders.

Tanker 64, 2006 Pierce Dash foam tanker with a six-person cab, 500 gallons of AFFF foam and 2500 gallons of water. This truck also carries a 3000-gallon port-a-tank, drafting equipment, generator, hand tools and assortment of ladders.

Brush 64, 2002 Ford F350 4X4 with a 300-gallon tank and 250-gpm volume pump.