Southern Platte operates an innovative public education program that encompasses school children, individual adult citizens, the elderly, community service organizations and businesses. This effort involves Fire District staff.

The Fire Prevention Division has the primary responsibility for the coordination and delivery of public education programs. One full-time Public Education Officer (Fire Marshal), Fire Marshall oversees the research, development and coordination of community outreach programs presented by all Fire District personnel.

All personnel share the responsibility for conducting fire station tours, presenting fire safety programs, smoke detector and battery installation, address sign implementation, as well as numerous community events including safety fairs, health and safety clinics, seasonal festivals and career fairs.

The Fire Prevention Division is in charge of maintaining training aids available to all personnel. The audio-visual equipment, videos, brochures, handout materials, air pacs, and numerous other materials are made available to personnel during the delivery of all programs. The Fire Prevention Division owns a “Safety House” Trailer that is used to present hands-on training for children of all ages on the proper safety techniques and escape plans in a home.

The FIREHOUSE® reporting system is crucial in assisting the Fire Prevention Division in determining high-risk groups, which, in-turn, allows staff to develop public education programs to assist in educating high risk audiences. An example is that over the past few years, both juvenile fire incidents and the burning of candles have presented the Division with concern. A coalition of employees has worked to develop methods for reducing these type incidents.

Requests for specific public education programs and community participation are received from the public through the Fire Prevention Division. Fire District personnel make every effort to respond to each request. Some popular annual activities are: July 4th Activities, Parkville’s Food Festival, and Thousand Oaks’ Festival. Neighborhood associations invite local fire station personnel to block parties and Homeowner Association meetings. Participation in community festivals keeps SPFPD crews busy in the spring, summer, and fall.