It's an acronym we use to remember the easiest, most over-looked life-saving exercise we know: Escape Drills In The Home.

Unless you've experienced it, you'll be surprised what it is like inside a burning house.

EDITH has four parts:

  1. Draw a floor plan of your house.
    Mark at least two ways out of every room -- especially bedrooms. Make sure everyone in your family understands the plan.
  2. Agree on a meeting place.
    Everyone should know where to go once they've escaped, so you can take roll. Make sure everyone understands to never -- ever -- go back into a burning building, no matter what the reason.
  3. Practice your plan.
    Remember fire drills in school? Do them at home at least twice a year. Spring and Fall time changes -- when you're replacing the batteries in your smoke detectors -- is the perfect time.
  4. Do realistic drills.
    Your family is less likely to panic in the real thing if you make the drills life-like. Pretend exits are blocked by smoke and fire, and use alternate routes. Turn lights off to simulate a smoke-filled house.