Have a pack of “rug rats ruling your roost?” Here are 12 safety tips to child-proof your home:

  1. Use SAFETY LATCHES AND LOCKS on drawers and doors to keep the toddlers from getting at medicines, poisonous cleaners, knives, and other grown-up things.
  2. Install SAFETY GATES to prevent falls down stairs and to keep children away from dangerous areas. Look for one that doesn't dislodge easily. Gates that screw into the walls are more secure than those that lodge into place.
  3. Install WINDOW GUARDS AND SAFETY NETTING to prevent serious falls from decks and balconies. Check the devices often to ensure they're still secure.
  4. Use DOOR KNOB COVERS AND DOOR LOCKS to prevent children from enter rooms with possible dangers.
  5. Use ANTI-SCALD DEVICES on the tub and shower to keep children from being burned during bath time. Also, turn down your hot-water heater to 120 degrees.
  6. Use CORNER EDGING AND BUMPERS to prevent injuries from falling against sharp corners.
  7. Use OUTLET COVERS AND PLATES to avoid electrocution.
  8. Make SAFETY TASSELS on window blind cords to prevent strangulation. Cut the loop, remove the clip, and attach the safety tassel. Make sure older blinds have tension devices to hold cords tight. When buying new blinds, ask for those that have child-safety features.
  9. Use DOOR STOPS AND DOOR HOLDERS on doors and hinges to avoid pinching tiny hands.
  10. Use SMOKE DETECTORS on every level of your home and near bedrooms. Practice “Exit Drill In The Home” often.
  11. Use a CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTOR outside bedrooms to prevent CO poisoning.
  12. Use a CORDLESS PHONE to help you supervise your children -- you won't have to leave the area to answer the phone. They're also especially helpful when children are near water, such as the bathtub or pool.